Free - Vulnerable web app community is a free community project where people can build, share & host vulnerable web apps to learn and experiment. Each app is sandboxed for you so you are somewhat safe (as safe as you can be on a site with people uploading strange things for security people to break anyway). You can also upload private images for self use. It looks liek a handy tool for anyone interested in learning more about security and penetration testing.

StartUpLite - Speed up your Windows startup

StartUpLite is a small (200k) program from Malwarebytes who also make the very handy Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

The software does one thing and does it well: provide a quick and easy method to remove or disable unnecessary application that start during Windows startup. The interface is pretty self explanatory so I’ll just post a screenshot.


There is also a list of programs that StartUpLite checks that can be helpful to determine if this tool is useful for you or not.