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Thu 15 January 2015

Adding an existing project to a Git repo

Posted by Daevien in tips   

Just a quick tip for creating a new repo with existing files.

  1. Create a new repo on your preferred solution (I use Bitbucket but the other main choice is Github, it’s all about what works for you)

  2. Change to your project directory

    cd ~/git/project

  3. Initialize the local directory as a repo

    git init

  4. Add all files to the repo

    git add .

  5. Write your first commit message

    git commit -m ‘First commit’

  6. Tie your local files and remote repo together. For the url, an example would be ssh://, but the method to find it varies depending on your provider. Bitbucket shows it at the top of the main page and GitHub shows it along the right side.

    git remote add origin repo_url_here

  7. Have git verify it can connect to the remote repo

    git remote -v

  8. Push your initial commit to the remote url

    git push origin master

Thats it, your repo is created and initial update complete. Now to continue your content and update it as needed.