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Sun 02 January 2011

Chroot SFTP Error and fix

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So while adding another user to my hosting setup, I encountered this annoying bug:

Write failed: Broken pipe
Couldn't read packet: Connection reset by peer

After some hunting and trying of various things, I realized that Ubuntu’s ssh is more picky than Debian 5’s was.

I knew that …


Sun 07 November 2010

Use UniBrows to enable IE6 browsing in IE8 tab

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UniBrows allows enterprises to upgrade to modern technologies like Windows 7 and IE8 while maintaining compatibility with existing IE6 web applications. all without changing a single line of code.

If this program works as advertised, it could be a huge hit for companies with existing IE6 web apps that they …


Mon 12 April 2010

Nasty start to the day

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Above is what I started my day with: one handful of dirt, tar, paper and god knows what else from a customers computer. This is only one clump out of about 4 or 5 though. Seriously, how can people use or be near computers in that sort of shape? And …