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Mon 15 August 2011

Websecurify - an integrated web security testing environment

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What is it?

Websecurify is an integrated web security testing environment, which can be used to identify web vulnerabilities by using advanced browser automation, discovery and fuzzing technologies. The platform is designed to perform automated as well as manual vulnerability tests and it is constantly improved and fine-tuned by a …


Wed 18 May 2011

Make Backtrack 5 automatically login and start X

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This is a quick tip on getting backtrack 5 to automatically login as root and startx which will run the graphical interface. There is a disclaimer though as this method does work but isn’t exactly secure. Then again, if you are using Backtrack, you probably know that already :)

First …


Sun 20 March 2011

Quick guide to UFW - Uncomplicated FireWall

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Here is a quick guide on using UFW (Uncomplicated FireWall) under linux

A good first step is to do the following

sudo ufw default deny

which will set the default action to denying everything

If you are connection from remote, you will want to allow ssh otherwise it will create …