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Sat 01 October 2011

Convert CENTOS 6 server to Scientific Linux 6

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This guide came about from a post on the Linode forum ( and I thought it might be useful to have on file for myself and anyone else that might find this blog. The below are steps needed to change a CENTOS 6 server over to a Scientific Linux 6 server as they are both based on RHEL sources but SL is updated more often and seems to be gaining traction as CENTOS loses it with slow updates & releases. I did make a minor change from the initial post (changing distroverpkg) and then the formatting but otherwise the steps were laid out by tolle.

First, Install the yum repository

rpm -ivh

Then install the signing keys for a 32bit installation

rpm -ivh --force

For a 64bit installation run

rpm -ivh --force

Edit /etc/yum.conf and change




Have your CentOS installation pull all the updated packages from the SL repositories

yum erase centos-release
yum clean all
yum distro-sync

Run this to update all centos packages to SL

yum reinstall \`rpm -qa --qf "%{NAME} %{VENDOR}\n"|grep CentOS|awk \'{print $1}\'\`

And you are done. I reboot after all of this just to ensure everything was working properly. I would also probably recommend this be done on a clean install of CENTOS if at all possible (ie: you use Linode which only has CENTOS or some other provider) just to reduce your problems but it should be possible on a previously deployed server as well, just be sure to get backups done first.